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Docket Results are updated weekly, but are also available for viewing in paper format in the Court Clerk's Office for one year subsequent to hearing.

To aid in understanding the OCC Docket Results as posted, please note the following abbreviations you may see when viewing the dockets:

"Rec" or "R" = Recommended

"P" = Protested

"P" with a date = Protested and scheduled for the date listed

A circled "R" = The cause was "Ready" to be heard during docket call

"Rec" with a date listed = Interim Order Recommended with a Reopen Date

"Rec I/O" with a date listed = Same as above

Date Listed = The Cause was continued to the listed date

"TUA" = Taken Under Advisement

"Cont." with a date = Continued to the date listed

"Dismiss" or "Dismissed"= (Applicant prepares order)(OAC 165:5-9-2(e)(2))

"DMOA"= Dismissed Motion of Applicant (Court Clerk prepares order)(OAC 165:5-9-2(e)(1))

You may also view the Case Processing Web Application to verify or clarify the information you find on the docket.

If you have questions about a docket notation, or it appears to be incorrect, please contact the listed Administrative Law Judge who made the notation for the cause in question. If you have a question about inconsistencies with the Case Processing Web Application conflicting with the docket notes, please contact the Court Clerk's Office at CourtClerk@occ.ok.gov for corrections.

Daily Docket Results

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*Dockets for the current day will be posted after the following business day.*

*Please note, these are the Judge's dockets. If you do not see the cause you are searching for on the docket or write-on docket by the Judge, the cause may not have been heard.

The Tulsa docket is scanned and provided by the Tulsa office. Please contact them at (918) 581-2296 with any questions you may have regarding the docket.

Docket Results are updated throughout each day. However, publishing of the internet docket is only done after 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 4:00pm.

**The posting of docket results began May 8th, 2013.**