Special Notice from Our Attorneys

E-mail notifications regarding proposed changes to Corporation Commission rules are distributed through the GovDelivery subscription service.  If you wish to receive e-mail notifications regarding proposed rules – e.g. drafts of proposed changes -- you must subscribe to the Rules & Rulemaking Chapters topics for which you wish to receive notifications. 
Click HERE for instructions on how to subscribe.

Notice:   The rules provided by the Corporation Commission (whether on line or in hard copy) are unofficial and reflect the most recent modifications to the rules, to the best of our knowledge. Official rules can be provided only by the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office. Hard copies of rulebooks may be purchased from the Corporation Commission by mail or in person at the Jim Thorpe Building. You may download the rules at no cost. For official copies and questions you should contact the phone numbers beside each rulebook or write to:

P.O. Box 52000
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152

Oil and Gas rulebooks are available for sale at the Cashier's window located on the first floor, North Hallway,  and the Well Records Department (Room 223). 405-521-2271

Public Utility Division rulebooks are available in room 580. 405-521-4114

Petroleum Storage Tank rulebooks are available in room 238. 405-521-4683

Transportation rulebooks are available in the following locations in the Jim Thorpe Building:

When viewing the rules online, please click the Refresh button" on the toolbar of your browser to ensure that you are viewing the most recent version.

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